Ricky Martin’s First Gay Music Video

The Puerto Rican “DILF” pop star has just released his first music video since coming out as being gay. The video is for his lovey dovey song, “The Part About Me Is You,” featuring Joss Stone.

The song/video has quite the dramatic intro, throwing heavy words on the screen that include Equality, Justice, Malice, among others, but then transitions into the happy go lucky, I love you song. I think he could have done without the intro. The video features more inspirational words, couple with children, gay and lesbian couples, and Ricky Martin singing from his chair, with no closet in site. It definitely sends out a great message and good for him for using his star power to promote such a positive message. The video is beautifully shot as well.

I guess this was to be expected, given that music is a form of expression and the guy has just gone through the coming out phase. That being said, I want to see him shake his bon-bon and live la vida loca like he used to. He’s sexier than ever before, and you only get a taste of it with the shirtless Ricky in this video. Hopefully he has something up beat in store for us! Check out the video below.

  • ahmed al-khuzae

    i loved how the muslim couple did the peace sign in the end 🙂

  • Ricky Martin is still one of my top sexiest men alive

  • Blech, lie about who you are for another decade Ricky while actual gay people are accepting and fighting for who they are while you make millions from straight women.

  • Adrian

    I think it’s a great video but am not feeling the song, for some reason. And maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t find him sexy. I used to, but he just doesn’t do it to me anymore… 😉

  • angelina

    Good song, Hey you can’t please every one it would not be realistic, the fact that He came out is a good thing. God knows there still many many prefomers in the closet. Be true to thy self…

  • alec

    Man I was hoping I would like the song after finding out it had a gay theme, but I just don’t…

  • JR

    well done for coming out. you did the right thing. you look great. nice song. keep it up mate