Ricky Martin & Edgar Ramírez Talk ‘The Assassination Of Gianni Versace’ With OUT Magazine

Photo by Doug Inglish
The promotion team behind The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story is really working overtime leading up to the January 17 premiere. Everywhere you turn, the cast of the second season of the true crime anthology is making sure awareness is there.

Edgar Ramírez and Ricky Martin, who play Gianni Versace and his lover Antonio D’Amico respectively, chatted with OUT magazine about the highly-anticipated series. Read a couple quotes from the publication’s interview with the two stars below.

Ricky Martin About Playing Versace’s Boyfriend Antonio D’Amico

“For many months in this series, I kind of went back into the closet,” the 46-year-old says. “They were not completely out. The fear of being seen holding hands in the streets is not an issue for me anymore, but I relived all of that, and it kinda set me back and gave me a lot of discomfort. But I was playing a part, and I used it. I used that anger and I used that frustration.”

Photo by Doug Inglish

Ed Ramírez About The Two Love Stories On ACS: Versace

“There are two love stories. One with Antonio, Ricky’s character, and the other with Penélope Cruz’s character, Donatella. Gianni was very devoted to both of them. Ricky and I wanted to be respectful of their relationship and open about how supportive they were of each other. According to everyone I talked to, Gianni was very protective of Antonio, and Antonio was very protective of Gianni.”

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