Ricky Martin Reveals Which Male Celeb Gave Him His First Gay Tingles

We all remember our homosexual awakening. That time you saw a male celebrity and he gave you tingles for the first time in your special place. I’m embarrassed to say mine, so I wont 😉

During a visit on Watch What Happens Live, a caller asked Ricky Martin which celebrity made him think he might be gay. The 45-year-old singer took it way back. He revealed it was John Travolta circa Saturday Night Fever. Specifically, the scene where Travolta adjusted his package in skimpy black undies. Not a bad choice. Back in the day, Travolta was hot hot hot!!!

Well, Martin certainly gay’ed it forward. No doubt, he elicited his fair share of sexual awakenings with his pelvic thrusts during his “Livin’ La Vida Loca” era.

Watch the video below to see Ricky reveal all. Andy Cohen also disclosed his first male celebrity crush. Let’s just say I’m not surprised. The WWHL host has a reputation for liking Latin men.

Ricky Martin’s First Celebrity Crush


  • Oh the irony.

  • Evil Queen

    Donovan. # Westiefreak! Love Lord Bartholomew! Mine was Ms. Maggie.