I’ve recently discovered Rick & Steve…yes it’s on its second season I’m a bit late but I love it and and totally hooked. Margaret Cho, Peter Paige, Alan Cumming and Wilson Cruz lend their voices to the characters: Rick & Steve (a bi-racial couple), Kirsten & Dana (a lesbian couple) and Chuck & Evan (older guy/younger guy scenario).

We at Homorazzi of course have our very own versions of Rick & Steve which would be Donovan & Brian except they’re funnier, more stylish & fabulous (they could possibly be the happiest gay couple I know). Also we have Adam who reminds me of Evan, the young guy that likes to hunt for the mature man (the cougar in this instance is the hunted). The music for the series was written by the same people that did Avenue Q. Meet the characters here: Rick & Steve Cast BIOs.

What I love about the show is it’s very relevant and up to date on the topics they tackle. Anywhere from gay marriage to blogging. I will definitely be following this series. You can catch this show on LOGO.

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