Man Crush: Rick Malambri

This week’s crush could very well be the next Channing Tatum. He’s got the looks, sex appeal and more importantly… the boy can DANCE. In his first lead role, Rick Malambri will hoof and dance his ways into people’s heart in the upcoming Step Up 3D. He’ll play Luke, a NYC street dancer who participates in a high-stakes showdown against the world’s best hip hop dancers. The role should be an ease since Malambri is a breaker himself.

With his 6’2″ muscular frame, it should come as no surprise he started out modeling for brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and more. Though Step Up 3D is his first major breakout role, he’s guest starred on the small screen on How I Met Your Mother & Criminal Minds and on the silver screen in Universal Soldiers. The Floridian-born stud has a few movies coming up the pipeline including A Holiday Heist, 10,000 Doors and We Are Champions.

Unfortunately for all gay men and single women out there, Rick is happily married. He wed his girlfriend Lisa Mae just recently in May 2010. Boooooo. While everyone else is S.O.L., Johnny Depp is one lucky guy. Malambri would love to act with Depp one day. Let’s hope it’s a Brokeback Mountain sort of deal. In his spare time, Rick loves to dance and play video games.

Malambri sizzles with his cool laid back look. Love the big-faced watch. Is it me or are his sunglasses missing a lens on one side?

Suspenders and an old school typewriter. It’s so Hemmingway.

I love me a hot stylish nerd. On the right, he sorta looks like Wentworth Miller.

Vroooom, vrooom. He can ride me anytime.

With his all-American chiseled looks, it’s no wonder he auditioned for lead roles in comic book movies like Captain America. He lost that role to Chris Evans.

A picture is worth a thousand words and this pictures is saying about 900 dirty ones.

The crinkled forehead is absolutely adorable on him.

Smirking = sexy.

A couple of pictures from his earlier modeling days. He looks extra yummy on the right.

  • zoey olinger

    i love rick malambri so if ur single im here for u baby but im 13 years old but i really honstly love u please right back pleaseeeeee?

  • Sophie Grant.

    Hello Rick.
    You r so so Nice and i wish i could meant u in person.
    Step up is the most amazing film i have eva saw.
    And it has made me want to be a sreet dancer when i get a job i collage..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • fiasttro

    i guess its true, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Dude, all these guys look the same. lol

  • ahmed al-khuzae

    me tooo
    omg i loved his stule on step up
    his outfits were to die for

  • padma

    hi ric …………….i like u very much ……….step up is amazing film …..u luk soooooooooooooo cute …….and u have a smiling face ….

  • luana

    eu sou fã do rick malambi e ele é lindo eu queria me casar com ele ela dança eu danço 3 ele faz eu amei o papel dele ele faz do:luke ele é lindo

  • stephh

    too hot!

  • Romina

    I love you baby eres hermoso y me entanta como actuas y como bailas sabes espero qleas esto con alguien q hable espanol a solo quiero preguntarte algo sales con alguien con quien se puede saber amor xq trngo alguien

  • santana

    Eu adoro Rick… ele é muito lindo e já participou do clipe de If U Seek Amy da diva Brit. Spears!