This week’s Model Behavior selection is courtesy of Patrick. I think someone was in heat after seeing him in Katy Perry’s newly-released “Last Friday Night (TGIF) music video. I don’t blame him. You may not like Perry’s music, but her talent for picking hot male co-stars for her music videos is undeniable. “Teenage Dream’sJosh Kloss was a former Man Crush of mine. She’s picked another winner with Richie Nuzzolese.

If you ever wondered what lasagna and borscht would look like as a tasty dish… here you go. Nuzzolese is of Italian and Russian descent. The 21-year-old (barf.. so young) always wanted a career in fashion, but not necessarily in front of the camera. He attended FIT in New York City and majored in Textile Development and Marketing. Currently he lives in Los Angeles and is represented by several agencies- Silver Models in NYC and NTA Models in LA. Katy Perry’s music video isn’t his first foray in that medium. He appeared tied up and bound in this chick’s “interesting” music clip. Don’t worry, it’s totally safe for work.

On his Facebook Fan Page, he lists himself as a model, actor, singer, dancer and promoter. Quite a modern-day renaissance man, isn’t he. LOL. Among his other interests include golfing, playing the trombone, traveling, personal training and meeting new people. Richie, if you’re reading this, I’d love to be your new BFF. Hit me up. Nuzzolese is also fluent in both English and Spanish. Now that you know about the brains, continue reading the post to gawk at the beauty that is Richie Nuzzolese.

Richie Nuzzolese Model Stats

Height: 5’11”
Waist: 31
Chest: 41
Shoe: 10.5
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown

I think small random moles (beauty marks) are super sexy.

Thought I’d switch it up and show him modeling clothes first. You like?

Showing off his ripped back.

He’s gonna make me sweat just looking at him in sweat.

I have no idea what his forearm tattoos are, but me likey. Oh, and he’s not half bad to look at shirtless either 😉

A screencap from Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (TGIF)” video. How cute is he learning how to count using his abs.

If ever wants to quit smoking, but is going through withdrawal without having something in his mouth… I have a couple of suggestions *wink*

I love how stylists think sometimes. Sure the boots look great with his outfit, but I doubt he can actually play hoops wearing them.

Ready for action lying down with his belt buckle already undone.

Too bad he didn’t have another basketball there and then I could make some really bad blue balls pun.

Sporting some Arah chic on the right.

X marks the spot.

Looking GGGGGGGGorgeous in his G-Star jacket.

Man, another shot with is belt unbuckled. Then on the right, his jeans are already unbuttoned. I think someone is trying to say something.

Ciao bellissimo.