Ria Mae Returns With Two Great Cuts ‘Hold Me’ & ‘Not At Piece’

I’ve been a fan of Ria Mae ever since she released her platinum-selling single “Clothes Off” from her self-titled album back in 2016. The openly-queer artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia recently shared a couple tracks off her forthcoming EP which is a follow-up to her critically acclaimed My Love.

First up is “Hold Me” featuring her friend and co-writer Frank Kadillac. The accompanying visual is a dreamy one that depicts a yearning for a simpler time. It follows Ria as she wanders the colorful city in hopes of finding her way from the busy, social landscape of adulthood back to the pure, authentic ease of childhood.

“The song started as a conversation between Frank, myself and Lowell,” says Ria. “We were sharing how lately we felt unsure of how to engage online and remain positive in the current social climate. We were talking about how easy life used to feel when we were young and how anxious a lot of our peers seem to be right now. I wanted the visuals to represent a deep long for peace from this deafening social landscape.”

Next up is “Not At Peace.” The hauntingly beautiful track was written by Mae with Corey LeRue (Neon Dreams), Lina Hansson (Violet Days) and Ruthy Raba. Give both mesmerizing tracks a listen below and weigh in afterward.

Ria Mae ft. Frank Kadillac ‘Hold Me’ Music Video

Ria Mae ‘Not At Peace’