Wynter Gordon Drops Another Hot Track “I Feel Love”

Man, Wynter Gordon is on fi-yah. She’s working overtime to establish herself as the new Queen Bee of dance music. If she keeps this up, she very well might succeed. Just last week, she was featured in the Freemasons‘ “Believer” and today another hot group of DJs are utilizing her mesmerizing vocals. Rhythm Masters & MYNC enlisted the “Dirty Talk” singer for their cover of one Donna Summer’s iconic disco tracks. “I Feel Love” was not only a huge it, but it is considered to have pioneered the electro music genre.

The production by Rhythm Masters & MYNC is fantastic. It stays true to the original by keeping the electronic disco beats, but give it a modern makeover with subtle nuances. Wynter is absolutely fantastic emulating Donna Summer’s sublime falsetto vocals on this historical track that helped redefine the dance genre. This is why Gordon is one of my current obsessions. In 1978, a fifteen minute extended remix of the track became a huge underground hit. If her cover of “I Feel Love” does half as much for Wynter’s career as it did for Summer, expect Wynter’s star to rise significantly.


Not only does Wynter capture Donna’s sensuality and vocals in this wicked cover, but her movements in the video perfectly pay homage to the Disco Queen. Sooooooo sexy.