Bravo Releases First Trailer & Cast Photos For RHOBH Season 3

They’re baaaaaaaaack. With RHONY and RHONJ wrapping up their respective seasons in the coming weeks, it’s time for the lavish ladies from the world’s most famous zip code to return. Bravo just released the first trailer for the third season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. Season 3 looks like it’s going to be a good one.

Lisa Vanderpump (my favorite), Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Adrienne Maloof and Taylor Armstrong are back for a third round to verbally duke it out in Bravo’s proverbial boxing ring. Joining them as official Housewives are Yolanda Foster and Brandi Glanville. Camille Grammer and newcomer Marisa Zanuck are this year’s “Friends of Housewives“, a title Glanville wore last season before she was upgraded to full-fledged regular, due to her ability to bring on the drams. This time around girlfriend is upping the ante.

Not only is Brandi fighting with the women, but the men as well. One of the Housewives’ husbands calls her a bitch in the trailer. Oh Brandi, what have you done this time around. In addition to all the catfights, you’ll see a real-life fire, plastic surgery operation and Suzanne Somers. WTF??!?! I wonder why the Thigh Master queen is hanging out with the ladies. Check out all the action in the clip below.

RHOBH Season 3 Official Housewives

Lisa Vanderpump

My RHOBH goddess is looking even more gorgeous this season. Loving the side hair sweep. The ramifications of Adrienne’s accusations at the reunion are in full effect. Lisa is out for blood and some of the cast think she’s getting new BFF Brandi to do all her dirty work. Is it true? I hope so 😉

Brandi Glanville

I love how this woman has no filter. Since she’s being accused of being Lisa’s lackey, I expect her to be in the middle of a lot of drama. I can’t wait to see her showdown with one of her ex-husband’s mistresses. Not to mention her castmates and Paul Nassif (Adrienne’s husband at the time).

Kyle Richards

It wouldn’t be a season without Kyle doing the splits or cartwheels. I wonder what the aftermath of her going head-to-head with Lisa at the reunion will bring. Will they patch things up? Better yet, will she call a truce with Brandi? After all, Camille was her nemesis on Season 1, but by the time Season 2 rolled around, they were bosom buddies.

Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne used to be the voice of reason, IMHO. That is until, she started attacking Vanderpump at last season’s reunion. Girlfriend certainly has jealousy and insecurity issues. This year, I hear she’s the target of a lot of Brandi’s attacks. Even worse, we’ll see Maloof’s personal life take a tumble- her marriage ends during filming. Season 1 it was Camille. Season 2, Taylor’s marriage took a very dark turn. Now, I guess it’s Adrienne’s turn. Will it be either Kyle or Lisa’s turn in Season 4?

Yolanda H. Foster

Newbie Housewife is married to respected music producer, David Foster. After sending her kids to school, this former model puts in a full day at the office running her exciting new company, Hopelessly Romantic, a creative one-stop destination to help men and women “get wise and keep their romance alive!” Based on the Season 3 trailer, she doesn’t seem to get into a whole lot of drama, minus a spat with Taylor. To be fair, even a nun would come to blows with that woman. Fish lips is crazy.

Kim Richards

I honestly didn’t think she was coming back. She’s too emotionally unstable for reality TV. Fresh off a stint in rehab, Kim decides to undergo a nose job. Personally, I think her old schnoz suited her better. This maybe horrible to think, but a part of me wonders if she went under the knife so she could take painkillers. Horrible, right? Since she’s no longer drinking alcohol, she needs something else to feed that addictive personality of hers. Definitely a possibility.

Taylor Armstrong

Reportedly, Bravo is phasing out Oklahoma this season. God, I hope so. This woman is nothing but trouble and will do anything to stay on the show. The second she’s off RHOBH, I’m throwing a huge party to celebrate. This trainwreck needs to fade into obscurity ASAP.

RHOBH Season 3 Friends of Housewives

Camille Grammer

I’m so glad Camille is still on the show despite not being an official Housewife. We finally get to see the hot Greek stud she’s shacking up with. During Season 1, she was named the “Most Hated Housewife in America“. Miraculously she did a 180 and won people over and became a fan favorite for Season 2. I wonder which Camille we will see this year. Probably a hybrid of her two different television personas.

Marisa Zanuck

Zanuck is an old friend of Kyle. The two first met when Marisa joined Hilton and Hyland real estate agency, where Kyle’s husband Mauricio used to work, and Marisa still does. Marisa is married to movie producer Dean Zanuck, who produced the feature film Road to Perdition. Marisa and Dean live in Beverly Hills and have two children together, son Jack (10) and daughter Darryl (7).

Are you excited for the ladies of Beverly Hills to return? Which RHOBH cast member is your favorite? Sound off below. Be sure to catch all the action when the filthy rich women return on November 5 on Bravo.