I have always been a big fan of theatre, and as a guilty pleasure, mainstream musicals are my favourite. In the last couple of weekends I indulged myself with two shows playing in Vancouver: Les Misérables and Altar Boyz. Both shows were amazing and concluded with a standing ovation.


Les Misérables is based on Victor Hugo’s novel tells the story of Jean Valjean whom after spending years in prison starts a new life. He comes to encounter characters that will challenge his identity and his conditional freedom. Simultaneously, a group of idealistic students get ready to fight in the French Revolution to defend their country and beliefs. A love story entangles Jean Valjean’s daughter and the student leader of the student movement, creating the perfect formula for a breath taking play.


Altar Boyz is an excellent parody of religious beliefs. Five good-looking characters or at least you have from where to choose, challenge the audience to reflect on the religious stereotypes in a very tasteful, witty and musical way. You don’t have to be religious to understand what the play talks about. If you are, you will definitely question your beliefs.

Les Misérables and Altar Boyz have an excellent cast and live band. More importantly, when reading each of the programs, I was pleased to learn that both productions were employing Canadian talent. More than often there are productions coming from other countries with their own cast and production team. It is about time that Canada continues exploiting its local talent and continues growing the theater culture. The ticket price is absolutely reasonable compared to Broadway productions of equal performance quality.

Altar Boyz will run until August 1st and with over 65 sold out shows Les Misérables will continue performance until August 2nd.

Submitted by: Israel G.

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