With the SAG Awards having taken place last Sunday, and the Super Bowl this Sunday, I’m definitely going through Revenge withdrawals on Sunday night. Thankfully, it’s returning the following Sunday and with the news of Emily’s hot foster brother joining the mix, a wedding coming up, and a major shocker around the bend, I’m totally stoked.

Paparazzi were on set or at least nearby watching Revenge bing filmed and the scene was a funeral and pretty much the entire cast was there. Notice how I said “pretty much”. That’s right, it’s believed that one of the core cast members and integral characters is going to die in an upcoming episode. I hadn’t really thought about that possibility, but if last season was any indication, expect the unexpected and anyone is fair game.

With observations made by the paparazzi and as evidenced by the pictures, certain conclusions have been made as to who people think has died. If you don’t want to know who the funeral was likely for, do not read on.

It is believed that Amanda Clarke (who is really Emily Thorne, as you know) could be the one that everyone is mourning at the funeral. Victoria & Conrad Grayson, Daniel, Charlotte, Emily, Jack & Conrad Porter, among others are all there… but she isn’t. The actress that plays her is Margarita Levieva.

The other person that was noticeably missing was Ashley Madekwe, who plays Ashley Davenport. Perhaps she could be killed off? “Union” is the next episode, where Jack & Amanda tie the knot. “Sacrifice is the one that follows, so it’s possible that Amanda dies right after the wedding OR someone Ashley must be “sacrificed” for one reason or another. My bet is that it’s Amanda. The “Union” episode airs on Sunday, February 10 and the “Sacrifice” episode on Sunday, Februry 17. If you want to see the paparazzi photos from the set of the funeral, click here.