‘Revenge’ Season 1 Finale: Watch The Epic Last 5 Minutes Of “Reckoning”

Last night, the season finale of the best show on television, ‘Revenge‘ aired and it did not disappoint. After so many intense twists & turns, cold stares, and elaborate schemes, Season 1 went out with a bang leaving fans like me majorly thirsty for more and eagerly awaiting Season 2.

The last 5 minutes of the episode (titled “Reckoning“) I literally had to watch again right after. It was epic, scored to the haunting sounds of Florence + The Machine singing “Seven Devils“. So much happened in those five minutes that open the door for an exciting and intense second season this fall.

Literally something huge shifted in the story for every single one of the main characters in this last episode and it was definitely the most shocking & explosive episode of the season. You’ll notice that I’m not giving anything away in terms of specific in case you haven’t yet scene it. For those of you that have, relive the last 5 minutes again below. You won’t regret it.

  • Ryan

    Revenge and Once Upon a Time made for some awesome television this year. I haven’t enjoyed a finale so much since Buffy season 2.

  • David

    I agree this episode was sooo intense! This is the best show on television and I can’t wait to see what happens next season! Too bad we have to wait till the fall.