Revenge Covers Entertainment Weekly

One of my favorite shows this year has definitely become Revenge. While the premise of the show from the get-go had me intrigued, the season opener hooked me and I’ve been a faithful watcher of the show ever since. I remember how upset and annoyed I was when Emily VanCamp left Brothers & Sisters thinking she’d never hack it at her own show. Boy did she ever shut me up. Emily brings the powerhouse character of Emily Thorne to life every Wednesday and has my jaw dropping at every twist and turn.

So, it only seems fitting that Entertainment Weekly chose the new soapy primetime drama from ABC to cover their Winter Preview issue. While the mag begged the question whether or not the weekly show could keep up the drama right up until the show’s May finale, creator Mike Kelley assured them we haven’t seen anything yet.

In EW’s January 20 issue, Kelley reveals that the show will be heading towards that “killer” scene from Emily and Daniel’s engagement party. Who’s dead? Who’s the killer? According to Kelley, all of that will be revealed on February 15 with an episode titled Chaos. EW also tackles the 10 things they are looking forward to most in the show’s upcoming episodes. It looks like an issue that cannot be missed. Thankfully, they gave us a sneak peek plus a few portraits of the cast courtesy of photographer Justin Stephens. Check it all out below.

VILLAINS RETURN: Tyler (Ashton Holmes) and Amanda (Margarita Levieva), gone for good? Think again. They’ll both return and “decide to start f—ing with Emily, and they’ve got new, different agendas,” reveals Revenge creator Mike Kelley. “Emily’s got a number of enemies at this point with bones to pick.”

THE ENGAGEMENT PARTY: The glimpse of Revenge‘s biggest blowout we got in the series’ September premiere was just that: a taste. Expect that night to play out in full on the Feb. 15 episode, which — considering the dead body on the beach outside Grayson Manor — is fittingly titled “Chaos.” Someone will be arrested for the murder, and someone will be dead. Plus, Kelly promises one bombshell in the great reveal that no one could anticipate. “I don’t think anyone will have guessed it,” he says, “but we’ll see.”

ONE STEAMY LOVE TRIANGLE: Expect increased tension between Daniel, Emily, and Jack (Nick Wechsler) as Revenge continues its journey. “Everything that happens on the beach that night will forever alter the course of Emily’s romantic ties to both Jack and Daniel,” Kelley says cryptically. Adds Wechsler: “Jack is starting to want to fight for Emily himself.”

  • Marck

    I love love love Revenge!

  • Ryan

    Definitely a great story but at the rate “Emily” is going, her vengeance might all be spent by the end of the season. I wonder where they would take things if there is a second season.

  • I know it’s futile but I don’t want Daniel to be the dead body. 🙁