It’s Sunday Funday, and what better way to celebrate a new episode of one of your favorite shows (Revenge…obviously) by playing a Revenge-y drinking game with your friends (if you’re all of legal drinking age, of course). The hit ABC show has some of the best lines and twists making it a great choice for a drinking game.

In Revenge, family and frenemies take turns stabbing each other in the back while Emily Thorne plays out her super revenge-y plan whenever an opportunity arrises. The looks that she and her nemesis, Victoria Grayson exchange between each other is legendary. I seriously live for those moments in this show. All the fake friendliness that goes on is so entertaining and there are so many opportunities for rules to be implemented in a Revenge drinking game.

Alas, I have compiled a list of rules that should get you decently buzzed, if not smashed depending on the episode. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments and I’ll add them to the list!

‘Revenge’ Drinking Game

  • Drink every time there is a flashback.
  • Drink every time Victoria spies on Emily from her house.
  • Drink every time Amanda mentions something about her baby.
  • Drink whenever Victoria and Emily give each other fake smiles or fake hellos.
  • Drink whenever Daniel gets mad because he was kept out of the loop or lied to.
  • Drink every time there is a charity event.
  • Drink every time the Dolphin cam or Clam cam is used.
  • Drink every time Nolan second guesses Emily’s plan or feels it’s too dangerous.
  • Finish your drink if the Graysons hold a press conference.
  • Finish your drink if Emily kills someone and/or puts a big red ‘x’ over their face.

Looking forward to seeing what additions you guys have for this list as I know there are so many more where these came from.