Re:Quest Models Channel Banned Calvin Klein Ads

With New York Fashion Week beginning on Thursday September 6, all the modeling agencies are working overtime to ensure their models appear in as many runway shows as possible. In order to do so, agencies create show packages highlighting their staff in the best possible way. Hands down, the best comp cards this season go to Re:Quest Model Management. They brilliantly channeled Calvin Klein’s infamous banned ads from the 1990s as the creative narrative for their composite sellers.

Remember the ads that had a creepy casting director asking models to take off their shorts and other inappropriate questions and requests? Shot by famed photographer Steven Meisel, the television spots were pulled from the air due to their uncomfortable 70s “porn star casting” vibe. Since the 90s are making a comeback, Re:Quest snapped their male models using the same wood paneling backdrop. The result is pure awesome. Check out a few of the comp cards below featuring favorites Benjamin Eidem and Arthur Kulkov.

Banned 90s Calvin Klein Ads

What do you think of the shots? Do they capture the banned Calvin Klein ads from the 1990s? Which model is your favorite? To check out all the comp cards, click here.

  • Dbrewer75

    I always though the original CK ads were brilliant. Everyone in school had to have CK jeans after the commercials became “forbidden”

    I think Re:Quest did an excellent jon recapturing that campaign.

    Edward L is my fave

  • Martin

    those commercials were brilliant on selling sexiness, but WOW!! That guys voice off screen was one of the Creepiest Child Molesters sounding voices EVER!! No wonder these commercials were Barred !!!