Renault Twingo’s New Ad Featuring Gay Marriage

French automaker Renault’s new commercial for its 2012 Twingo model hopes to appeal to gays everywhere. This isn’t the first time the company has created marketing material aimed directly at the LGBT community. They’ve done commercials featuring drag queens, lesbians, hot cops and other topics to appeal to the gay consumer in the past.

For their latest clip, Renault decided to feature a gay wedding. “Times have changed,” the tagline reads and the 2012 model “Twingo, too.” It’s a cute commercial that will put a smile on your face. I won’t say anymore and spoil it for you. No spoilers here. Check it out below.

Past LGBT-themed Renault Commercials

As mentioned earlier, the gay wedding commercial isn’t the first time Renault used LGBT themes to sell their models. I’ve picked three previous clips to share with you below. The first two embedded videos are for the Twingo and Clio which appeal to the gays, while the third one is directed at our fellow lesbians. The company sparked controversy with the steamy girl-on-girl commercial which eventually was pulled from Italian airwaves. Personally, I don’t get the uproar. Then again, I don’t live in a heavily Catholic-populated country like Italy.

Which commercial was your favorite? Personally, I liked the gay wedding one and the cop one. How hot would that be to have a hot cop pull you over? Instead of giving you a ticket, he gives you his digits. YUMMERS. I can think of a couple of things to do with those shiny handcuffs.