Model Behavior: Renato Ferreira

In honor of my last day in the Sunshine State, I’m selecting a juicy hot Latin to feature for this week’s Model Behavior. Technically, Renato Ferreira is from Brazil, but there’s so many hot Brazilians along with other hot Latin men in Miami, it doesn’t matter where they’re originally from. All that matters is that they’re so freaking hot. It’s no wonder the mercury is sky high in this part of the world.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Ferreira was discovered by the Owner and Booker of 40 Degrees models, Sergio Mattos. I don’t know what they’re feeding the boys in Brazil, but I say, keep it coming. Due to a feature on the blog, “Made In Brazil“, Renato’s profile was raised to an international level. Since then, he’s appeared on the covers of countless magazines and ad campaigns. In his short career, he’s worked renown photographers including Mario Testino, Greg Vaughan and Michael Roberts to name a few. Check out his scorching portfolio below. You might want to have a nice cold drink handy to cool you down.

Renato Ferreira Model Stats

Height: 5’11”
Shoe: 11
Hair: brown
Eyes: green

Ugh, so hot. He’s hotter than the Miami heat (and that’s saying a lot)

There’s something very sexy about a guy wearing a trench and black briefs.

How do you say abs en espanol or Portuguese? No translation needed here.

Doesn’t he look like he needs a hug. I’d wrap my arms (among other things) around his manly broad shoulders.

I don’t think I can handle his bootyliciousness, “butt” I’d love to try.

Why are wet t-shirts so sexy?

He’s sold? Boo. I didn’t know he was for sale. I’d plop down mucho dinero fox him.

So dayum sexy in the morning light.

Love his hair here.

Stupid photo shoot stylist. I think his jeans needed a couple more buttons undone. LOL.

I have a thing for noses and his fits the bill just right.

Almost in a lip lock with one of my previous Model Behavior features, Bernardo Velasco.

X marks the spot.

Lucky beyotch. He looks like a fun ride to straddle. *wink*

If Men’s Health can give me a routine to get that body, I’d buy an annual subscription.

Such a tease. I like the preview though.

If it’s possible, he even looks sexier from the side view.

  • Sheiku

    The brazilians don’t speak spanish.

  • gay person

    100% gorgeous.

  • Steve-O

    He’s got a hot bod….but i look at his face and he looks like he’s 16!!! How old is he?

  • reezi

    can you not comment after every picture? we get it he’s hot, dont be such a fag.

  • lalia

    y r all the hot men gay these day i mean like wat problem did they have with women that turned them gay … just thinking about gay guy seems gross wat man would want to stick them penis into some asshole were guys shit out of thats just nasty its cleaner to stick it into a vigina

  • Hot

    He is straight btw and he has a GF. NEXT
    and Laila most hot men are straight!!

  • T

    bruh these are the dumbest comments ive ever seen

  • Luis

    Dude, don’t be so ignorant. Do you really think gays like shit? We clean ourselves out impeccably, there is no residue whatsoever, it’s called an enema… And stop saying gays are gross, people can’t help what they are attracted to. If you like women and vagina, that’s great! Enjoy! Nobody is telling you that you’re gross so don’t so that to others. Peace 🙂

  • binowgaylater

    ooh Bernardo Velasco……i forgot about how sexy he was …..renato not so much.

  • Sam

    OBVIOUSLY….A Troll.

    I really and truly feel sorry for you if this is your outlook on life…

  • giggity

    it’s a blog moron. if u want just pictures and reading overwelmns you should be better for you.

  • Tony Griffith

    ~ Steve-O, Renato is 24 yrs old. Born April 1990.