Adam’s Little-Known Finds: A New Series

release-logReturning back to Homorazzi after a brief (Donovan, hold your tongue) hiatus, I’ve decided to start a collection of posts concerning the random finds my bitorrent obsession leads me to! First and foremost, I need to introduce the greatest source for all things torrent-y. The site: (Releaselog) is operated by a dozen or so admins who continue to update us trackers with the latest bitorrent releases of movies, music, tv shows, video games, applications and internet-related news. There are no fees involved, and it’s easily scrollable at the end of your day to find out what was “released” while you were at work (or while I was… … uhhh… oh right: writing and editing for homorazzi! That’s what I do 😉

The site offers the admin’s brief review of the relevant torrent (everything from the quality of the file to the content itself!). Behind you are the days of wondering if that copy of Twillight you downloaded is from some random’s Sony camcorder, stuffed in his belt pocket at Gruman’s Chinese Theatre. Also, us torrent junkies will tell you that trying to download the latest episode of Gossip Girl often leads you to 6 files that all claim to be the correct version- but who’s telling the truth? Releaselog is there to guide you! The site offers you a direct link to the appropriate torrent.

Having introduced you to my secret source, try to act surprised when I update you about the latest Romanian vampire epic!

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