Regis Explains Why Neil Patrick Harris Will Never Replace Him

Since Regis’ departure only a week ago, Live! With Kelly seems to be going strong without him sitting in the other chair. Instead, Kelly has extended the invitation to a long list of guest hosts including fan favorite, Neil Patrick Harris. It was rumored for a while that Neil would be an easy replacement for Regis as he’s sat in the chair multiple times before and has honestly done a bang up job. However, the man him, Regis Philbin says there is a reason why that will never happen.

Before we get to Regis’ response, let’s take a look at the facts that work against NPH from hosting the beloved morning talk show. First off, Neil has a huge show that he currently films. You might know it… it’s called How I Met Your Mother. That show films in LA and we all know that Live! films in New York. That’s one crazy commute and a scheduling nightmare at best. Aside from that, he’s a new dad. It doesn’t make sense right? Let’s see what Regis had to say.

“Neil Patrick Harris always does a great job — but he’s got an enormous hit. They’ve got to find someone who has the time right now to do that. Neil was great and he will probably pinch hit, I’m sure. They have to keep looking around until they find someone that really appeals to Kelly… and then they’ll go for it.”

Logistically it all makes sense. So, who should take the place of our beloved Regis? I have a few suggestions. The first is actor Jerry O’Connell. He’s co-hosted a few times before and he does an amazing job! Aside from a few voice over jobs and other short film projects, he doesn’t have a lot going on. So, he’s be the perfect fit to have sit alongside Mrs. Ripa. There was the potential of Anderson Cooper but now that he has his own show, that’s less of a possibility. Another potential candidate could be Jason Segel. This funny man could bring the comedy, the music and other amazing elements that Regis possessed. But, will filming movies take precedence over the talk show? What about Survivor host Jeff Probst. He wants his own talk show so will co-hosting with Kelly work better for his filming schedule?

Who will replace Kelly is a constant mission and only time will tell who will make the right co-host for our morning blonde. Who do you think should be Kelly’s new co-host? Sound off below.

  • Yeah, I don’t think NPH would do. I could see Anderson Cooper doing it, though.

  • james

    100% oconnell. The guy is hilarious and should definitely do it. No one else that has been brought up could do a good job of it. Get someone who is actually funny like oconnell and bring in a wider audience.