Regis Philbin Exits “Live” After 28 Years

After 28 years of being on the air, Regis Philbin said goodbye to his beloved morning show. The mayor gave Regis the key to New York City and celebs filled the studio audience to watch Regis’ final show. In the heavily scripted, hour-long show full of montages and tributes, co-host Kelly Ripa did manage to take some time for a sentimental farewell speech that had us all choked up. And then boom, directly after, we were treated to the first ad for the new Live With Kelly starting Monday. Meh, “timing” has never been the show’s strongest point.

It’s interesting to see how far Regis has come throughout the years. For as long as I can remember watching morning TV, I can remember watching Live With Regis & Kathie Lee. What made their show unique from others was the pointless banter between the two and listening to their conversations about their families or the experiences the night prior. It was neither news nor poignant yet, we couldn’t help but tune in and enjoy our morning fluff.

However, as I got older, so did Regis. And, as the business around him got bigger and more technological, Regis fell a little behind. Let’s be honest, as much as we loved listening to Regis talk about the days of yesteryear, it was awkward to watch him mix up celebrity names or were unable to understand their relevance ie: reality shows and internet celebrities. Yet, we continued to tune in to watch the always blonde and bubbly Kelly come to the rescue. Overall, Regis will be missed and it’s sad to see such a television legend come off the air. Check out of Regis’ greatest moments after the jump.