BTC: Survived the First Week of Work

Day 21 of the next chapter of my life and everything seems to be going well. I’m finally settled in my new apartment and am now familiar with most of the streets in my neighborhood. I couldn’t have picked a better area to be in for the first year since it’s close to everything like grocery stores, shopping on Bloor St., restaurants on Yonge St., etc. I’m also only 20-25 minutes walking distance from work.

I survived the first week of work but the first few days was challenging. It’s gonna take me a good few weeks to really get settled in at work but I’m looking forward to it. So much to learn about managing projects from start to finish. Dani has been enjoying coming to work with me and everyone loves him. He’s adjusted very well to his new home and I’m glad I have him to keep my company.

I’ve been also better at being green here because almost every store will charge you for a plastic bag, it doesn’t cost much but there’s no point in having one if I can carry it without. I’ve been more diligent in taking my own reusable bags to the grocery store. I got several great G-Star reusable bags from a past NYC trip that I’ve been using. Also my building has garbage chutes on every floor so I have 2 bins under the sink, one for recyclables & the other for garbage. It’s great because I don’t have to separate my recyclables, the city does it for us. So all recyclables can go in the same bag and down the chute conveniently! Love it!

That’s about it… I just wanted to update you all and hope everyone is doing well 🙂

  • j

    Great top-left picture – it looks like an album cover.

    Glad you’re adjusting well in Toronto. Did you buy a TV yet?

  • Thanks J! I did get the Philips 40″ LED which is working great. I’m really trying to reduce my energy use and have even switched out my lights to CFLs.