Redbox Raises Their Prices

Ugh, it was too good to last…

The CEO of Redbox, Paul Davis, announced that the original  price of $1.00 a night for a movie rental, will soon be bumped up to a whopping $1.20. Ok, so it’s not that much of a change, but it’s still annoying to a lot of us. Davis said that as the operating costs rise, so must the prices of the rentals. Which basically means, Redbox is getting popular and we want to make more money.

Wah wah.

The final decision was a tough one for the company, and involved several months of testing. As for the new price, it will be enforced on Oct. 31. There is a silver-lining to this, however. If you rent your movie online and then pick it up at the local kiosk, you will only have to pay the original $1.00. Hooray!

But like I said before, this is kind of annoying. Although 20 cents isn’t a lot of money, the price raise takes away from the original appeal of the Redbox revolution. It was clean – a dollar out the door, a dollar-a-day after that. I understand that everyone needs to make money in this economy, but it seems a little greedy to me.