Adam’s Newest Pro-Gay Thriller Pick: “Red State”

Before you pass this gem by, assuming this is gonna be some B-Movie: “Octopus Monster vs. Zombie Shark” piece, let me just say that this ain’t no low-budget, cookie cutter shoot em’ up.

Taking place in current day America, “Red State” happens in just that: Anywhere Hick-Ridden USA. It opens to a boy’s funeral being protested by a flock of asshole, devout cultists Christians informing us that his homosexuality earned him a ticket straight to Hell. Without giving too much away, this modern work is written in riveting chapters as it opens, following three relatively typical boys as they find themselves at the heart of a dangerous showdown with the god-lovers. A true liberal to the end, Kevin Smith of “Chasing Amy” and “Dogma” writing and directing fame, offers us this great flick to shudder and mostly revel in the “just desserts” the gay-hatters receive.

Other than watching Christian Crusaders get what they deserve (according to the “justified” G-Men), there’s a lot to this flick. First off, the cinematography is dead on. Typically in movies you know are gonna suck before the first blond gets her screaming head cut off, the look and quality of the thing is disastrous. “Red State” definitely had some money backing it and even a couple interestingly well-established names. Mellisa Leo (Academy Award winner of “The Fighter”) and John Goodman (of “Rosanne” and recently “Damages”) pack a definite punch as two of the leads in their dead on portrayals of a god-lovin’ psychopath and ambivalent officer respectively. Hell, throwin’ another name into the mix, even Quentin Tarantino has been quoted saying: “I Fucking Love This Movie!”

So, the basics are there, but how is it written you ask? Actually it’s really well done. Delving into the complicated motivation of its protagonists and antagonists who (a la Kevin Smith) shift between both roles, the film mocks both the religious right and the conservative Republican right and pairs them in unity of their crazed sense of entitlement. By the end, you’ll know you’ve been deep down always right to hate the Red States and get a great, well-written action-thriller of the deal as well. A MUST see as it comes out this September … though … it MIGHT be available to download in DVD format from free torrents currently as well- but you didn’t hear that from me!

Oh, and for the gays out there needing a bit of eye candy to go with your popcorn, Marc Blucas (Buffy’s hot turned cyborg boyfriend of “Vampire Slayer” fame) and recent hottie Kevin Alejandro (as the sexy gay nurse on “True Blood”) don ATF bullet proofs and get sweaty in this one 😉

  • Blake J

    The beginning, at least with the gay man tied up in plastic wrap and shot in the head, was too real for me.

    And then after the siege began, it just got stupid!

    I am a Kevin Smith fan and I thought the premise sounded good, but I was left disappointed!

  • Hey Blake, the head shot was definitely VERY real and quite disturbing for sure… obviously that’s what he was going for and it was a risk to do it so i get that you didn’t like it- it was gritty for me in a good “people need to see how awful hate and murder is” kinda way.
    for the siege, i can see it being seen as stupid: it doesn’t seem realistic for how the officials act i’m guessing is one thing you felt and the side stories during it might have seemed trite but i feel it was showing a side of the government we’d like to believe doesn’t exist with the whole “patriot act: we can do whatever we want if no one’s looking” thing and i thought it made it’s point. but thanks for your thoughts on it! sorry it didn’t work for you!

  • Zach

    Ultra liberal fantasy movie painting anyone right of liberal democrats to be gay-murdering thugs.
    Movie was NOT watchable, either, even from a curious point of view.
    It comes off as a cheap movie of the week.

  • Hey Zach I got news for you, shit like this happens alot. Welcome to reality and watch your step, you might just trip over your own arrogant latent ignorance.