‘Red Lights’ Trailer Shows The Dark Side Of Psychics… And Robert De Niro

This movie looks spooky! The trailer for an upcoming paranormal thriller called ‘Red Lights‘ has just been released and it looks intense! The premise of the film is that a psychologist named Margaret Matheson (Sigourney Weaver), and her assistant (Cillian Murphy) study paranormal activity, and their work eventually leads them to a world-reknowned psychic (Robert De Niro). He’s bad news bears.

In the trailer, we hear Sigourney Weaver explain, “There are two kinds of people out there with a special gift. the ones who really think they have some kind of power, and the other guys who think we can’t figure them out. They’re both wrong.” It looks as though the more they learn about De Niro’s character, the more dangerous and out of hand things get.

Definitely looking forward to checking this one out. Oh, and also in the film is the star on the rise, Elizabeth Olsen. Check out the trailer below!