Red Hot 2018 Calendar: Who Are The Hottest Guys? (NSFW-ish)

Photographer Thomas Knights and art director Elliott James Freizewill are doubling down with their Red Hot annual calendar. In addition to their regular one featuring the hottest redheaded studs, another one is being produced that promises a more revealing look. The x-rated companion edition features 12 guys going full frontal, each thirst trap showing off their copper knobs and ginger nuts.

For this post, I thought I’d highlight the guys featured in the regular calendar with the theme “British Boys.” For me, I like me some Nicholas Faulkner, Chris Jammer and Alex Mountain. Expect these guys to be featured in upcoming Insta-Stud posts.

In the meantime, check them all out below and weigh in on which ones you think are the hottest in our poll.

2018 Red Hot Calendar – British Boys

January – Joe Merry

February – Kane Silver

March – Callum Aylott

April – Jared Potts

May – Jay Pagan

June – Nicholas Faulkner

July – Chris Jammer

August – Alex Mountain

September – Rob Smith

October – Scott Lampard

November – Rob Hamish

December – Luke O’Dwyer

To purchase either of the calendars, click here.