‘Pitch Perfect’: Rebel Wilson & Anna Kendrick’s Hilarious ‘Max 60 Seconds’ Interview With Each Other

I don’t know if I could possibly love Rebel Wilson any more than I do. Seriously, I start laughing as soon as she opens her mouth. In the following two videos, she and her Pitch Perfect co-star, Anna Kendrick interview each other for Cinemax’s Max 60 Seconds segment. The result is pure hilarity.

From divulging secrets from the set of filming the movie to things we don’t know about their personal lives (like Anna Kendrick stocking up on gin every morning or Rebel Wilson get her accessories custom made from people in jail. I love these Max 60 Seconds interviews as co-stars ask questions or give responses that will make the other person crack up. So much fun.

Pitch Perfect comes out in two days on October 5. In the meantime, check out these two hilarious interviews for some hump-day hilarity!

MAX 60 Seconds with Anna Kendrick

MAX 60 Seconds with Rebel Wilson

  • JMC

    HAHAHAHA Rebel is a genius, always has been. Come so far since Tulla on Fat Pizza.

  • CT

    Is Rebel Wilson still getting her own show on ABC, or was that idea dropped?