“It’s Friday!” You Can’t Run Away From It… It’s a Thing

Today marks the second “Friday” since the world went “Black”. Haha, well that’s a little over dramatic, but what a phenomenon Rebecca Black has been, hey? Simon Cowell and Lady Gaga have even said the whole thing is brilliant.

Here’s how it went for me: At first it was like, “Oh man, the lyrics of this song are so ridiculous.” Which then turned into “That song is stuck in my head.” Which lead to, “I want to hear that song and watch that video one more time,” evolving into “I actually kinda like the song.” And when I say I like the song, I mean it’s the type of song that’s fun to sing at the bar or at a party because it’s catchy and the words are so easy and everyone knows the lyrics. And that’s exactly what’s been happening.

My friend DJ Adam Dreaddy said he played it last Friday at Oasis here in Vancouver, and the dance floor went nuts apparently. Well, the same thing happened at the frat-themed birthday party I was at. Since it’s Friday today, I decided to capture our first “Friday” with Rebecca Black on the FLIP video cam and splice it together to share with you on this special day of the week.

  • Drey

    That’s just fugged up, I mean… the same thing happened with me.
    *wtf is this bs? seriously?
    *it’s stupid, but it’s funny because it’s not a parody :-/
    *ok, now it’s in my head
    *it’s Friday, Friday < NO! STOP!

  • Nic

    I hate you.

  • Troy

    Best party ever!!
    It’s Friday again!! Which seat will I take?


  • Georgie

    I don’t like it. lol. I like all the cute boys tho. 🙂