YouTube sensation turned household name, Rebecca Black has just release a new single and accompanying music video called “Sing It” and we’ve got your first look. The music video premiere on E! News and features a catchy new tune that doesn’t really involve a heavily auto-tuned voice. In fact, I actually don’t hate the song at all.

If I’m not mistaken, her two girl friends from her infamous “Friday” music video accompany her in this video as they go for a bike ride and party with friends. For the most part, Black sings by her lonesome in some front of very beautiful, scenic backgrounds.

I say kudos to Rebecca Black for pushing past all of the criticism and death threats she received and continuing to do what she loves. The internet can be a very hateful place but that hasn’t stopped her from evolving as an artist. I also think that it’s great that big names like the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have all shown their support for her in one way or another. Check out the song and video below.