She’s back! Our favorite weekend anthem girl Rebecca Black has recovered from her musical hiatus and is ready to serve us with a new track titled Person of Interest. The news broke at the end of October that Black was filming a music video for the new song which then was only identified as POI. After a couple of teasers were released, an official announcement came that the video would be released yesterday! Here’s what Rebecca had to say about the song:

“The basis of it is that it’s a love song but it’s not a love song. It’s about almost teenage crushes — when you’re not in love yet but you really like a guy — which I’m really excited about because I don’t think there are too many out like that. It’s very much a dance type song. It will make you get up and dance and sing along in your car.”

The song actually reminds me of an old Hilary Duff track and I to be honest, I kind of like it! The production value on the song is a lot better than Friday for sure and the vocals aren’t auto-tuned to death. The video is really cute too and shows Rebecca’s personality to it’s fullest. I think that with the right guidance, Rebecca might actually have a little career in music ahead of her. Why not, she’s already so well known, someone just write her a hit! Check out Person of Interest below.

Rebecca Black – “Person Of Interest”