I Can’t Wait To Party With Rebecca Black on “Friday”

Have you heard your friends or random passer-byers singing these lyrics?
It’s Friday / Friday / Gonna get down on Friday
Everybody looking forward to the weekend / Weekend

It is probably because they can’t get the viral video song Friday by new found YouTube star Rebecca Black out of their head.

The song and video have reached over two million views but all for the wrong reasons. This super auto-tuned and obviously poorly written track has become the punch line to many a joke of people who can’t wait to play this song to start their weekend. So where did this new teen pop sensation come from?

Rebecca is a product of the Ark Music Factory. This production company holds casting calls for teen girls wanting to be pop stars. If you have what they are looking for, they fly you out to LA, and you record a song and a video. I looked it up and you should see some of the other videos they’ve produced. Yikes.

Kind of catchy, but so awful. If you want to check out more from the Ark Music Factory, click here.

  • Um…what the fuck is this?

  • Patrick

    I didn’t know that after Friday came Saturday, and then Sunday. Thanks, Rebecca!

  • Paolo

    Should I take the backseat? Or the front seat? back seat? front seat?

    I’m so glad there’s finally a song for this dilemma!

  • gogo

    NOOOOO!!!! Make it stop.

  • gogo

    Seriously, this Ark Music Factory must be stopped. I hope these kids can survive this.

  • Dyllan

    Oh my gosh. I’m not sure about what it’s worst.
    Her voice… The song… Her voice… The song.
    I guess both, since this is a trashy song, and her, well, it reminds me of a duck, and all the quack quack. lol

  • Jack

    Rich’s youtube discovery, Eli Lieb, cover’s this dreadful song 🙂


    I love this guy.

  • Yes! Thanks Jack.