Top 5 Ark (Cheese) Music Factory Music Videos

In the past couple days, a song called “Friday” by a young girl named Rebecca Black has gone viral. You must be thinking, “this must be an amazing song if it’s gone viral,” right? Well, the truth is it isn’t…which in turn makes it amazing. Black sings about everything she does. Something like this, “I wake up, then I go downstairs, I got to have breakfast, cereal, have to catch the bus now, oh my friends! Should I sit in the front seat or the back seat?” That’s pretty much how the song goes, when she’s not explaining that after Friday comes Saturday, which is then followed by Sunday. Unfortunately for us, the beat is catch and the lyrics are so terrible, you can’t help but watch it over and over. At that point, you’re not sure if that means you actually like the song or if you’ve just been brainwashed by it. All I know is, that’s the stage I’m at and I can’t wait until Friday.

It’s this song, one of the many songs produced by Ark Music Factory, that led me to a collection of their other gems. Before retiring for the evening, last night Tyrell and I decided to have a good laugh and go through them last night, selecting our favorite ones to share with you. Oh man, are you ever in for a treat.

5. Sarah Maugaotega – “Take It Easy”

So as many music videos do, this takes place at the beach. Sarah wears her several layers of clothing with her boyfriend and they parade around the beach as she sings she about how she wants to take it easy and doesn’t want to rush this. The climax of the video for me is when he tries to go in for a kiss, and she rejects him (you guessed it, because she “doesn’t want to rush this”) and gives him her cheek. He smiles, only to reveal his braces and perhaps the real reason why she wanted to take it easy.

4. Britt Rutter – “Without Your Love”

This video makes the list for a few reasons. One reason is that the guy Britt’s crushing on over webcam is actually quite cute and will grow up to be quite the lady killer. The main reason though, is because of the storyline of Britt becoming obsessed over this guy who ends up kinda playing her, so she decides to record him drooling while sleeping on webcam and sends it to all their friends. Oh no! Not drooling. That’s too far. He had his whole life ahead of him.

3. Jenna Rose – “My Jeans”

OMG, now this is a good one. It’s so ridiculous, I’m this close to parodying it. As this misinformed overly autotuned 12 year old flips through a magazine, she gasps at some photos and proceeds to start accusing Hannah Montana and Ashley Tisdale of copying her style and wearing her jeans. So funny.

2. CJ Fam – “Ordinary Pop Star”

This modern day Shirley Temple sings about wanting to be an ordinary star, as she puts on her shades and walks the red carpet. She explains that she’s not a diva and she really down to earth, and you know, you can talk to her if you need to because she’s there to listen. That’s if she’s not busy driving around in her limo or getting her makeup done.

1. Rebecca Black – “Friday”

This was probably one of the fastest viral videos of 2011 thus far, only having been released days ago and now millions of people watching the video (over and over), eagerly awaiting “Fried Egg”…I mean “Friday”. I am ashamed to admit that I’ve listened to this song over five times now. It’s so awful that it’s good. I’m going to be that annoying guy on Friday night at a party that sneaks his iPod on and pushes play on this bad boy.

  • jimm

    oh my god… ‘My jeans’ actually made me laugh out loud. do a parody!