I’m sitting here catching up on American Idol,  and it got me thinking, if I had the opportunity to be on a reality show what would I be on?  I’m not a huge fan of dating shows (unless it’s “I Love New York” or the soon to be rumored dating show featuring none other than SNOOKI!) so I wouldn’t do that, but with the amount of reality genres out there I figure I have a good selection to choose from (excluding Jude Judy – wait… no I’d go on that).


5) American Idol
If I went to singing school (to improve my already stellar talent) and thought I could actually get somewhere on this show, I would totally do it in a heartbeat.  To be center stage with hundreds and potentially thousands of people screaming your name and cheering you on, wanting you to succeed – that would be such a rush.  But an even bigger rush than that would be to have a famous singer coaching you, helping you to improve your talent.  How awesome would it be to have Lionel Richie, Diana Ross or Mary J. Blige giving you tips on how to be a better singer?  I would die.  D-I-E, die.


4) Amazing Race
I’ve only really watched a couple episodes of this, but I think the coolest part of this show is that it takes a team to win.  Not a team to get to the final round and then back stabbing, but a team from start to finish to win the game.  Truly a test of the strength between the relationships of family members and friends. Also, the destinations that the contestants visit are pretty “amazing.”


3) Big Brother
I never really got into Big Brother until I read one of fellow cast member Patrick’s articles about the upcoming season of Big Brother.  Once I watched the first episode I was hooked.  Between the mind games, physical games, crazy personalities and prizes, I don’t see a huge reason why not to be on this show.  The drama that ensues is usually completely entertaining and provides for a good laugh. I just hope I wouldn’t turn out like Chima or even that arrogant (but extremely sexy) Jesse.  I think I’d do well though, at least top 4.


2) Real Housewives of Atlanta
Need I say more?  Nene and I would be best friends (and share clothes), Kim and I would exchange wig tips, Khandi and I would collaborate on an album, I’d help Sheree fix her clothing line and I guess Lisa and I would just sit around and awkwardly laugh at each other (she doesn’t contribute much).  Any of my friends know I love the Real Housewives franchise, but Atlanta holds a special place in my heart.  My alter ego Shelita even takes some cues from Southern Peach Nene Leakes.


1) Real WorldSince The Oprah Winfrey Show isn’t really considered a “reality show” per say (I beg to differ), I chose something more in the traditional sense of reality, and really the first reality show out there.  Now I wouldn’t want to be on The Real World from the past 7 or 8 years, but I would LOVE to be on the Real Worlds from the beginning: Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Hawaii, Seattle.  Those were the best years, when MTV didn’t scout 19 year olds looking for free booze.  If I could be in a Real World anywhere I think it would be cool to live in Barcelona.  Here’s to wishing!

What would you be on?