Real World: Washington, DC – Meet The Cast


Here we go again. Time to watch a bunch of twenty-somethings drink, fight and sleep their way through the Real World house for our viewing pleasure. After watching last season’s trainwreck Real World: Cancun, I vowed never to watch another season. Honestly, half the episodes involved the roommates screaming at each other at the top of their lungs. Not only did it make my hair hurt, it got tired real fast. In a few instances, a few of the roommates crossed the line and tried to push other housemates to the point of a nervous emotional breakdown so that they’d begin cutting themselves again so that they’d get kicked out of the house. Totally disgusting behavior.

With that being said, why am I writing about the 23rd installment of MTV’s Real World? Simple, MTV is my pusher, and this roadkill of a show is my drug. Also, I read that this season promises to showcase less “drama” and juvenile behavior than in past seasons- thank God. According to MTV’s President of Programming, Tony DiSanto,

“The charged atmosphere of Washington D.C., the center of our country’s social and political change, will provide an electric setting for this next season of The Real World. We are thrilled to be filming our classic franchise in the heart of where history is being made … it adds a whole new dimension to the great characters and drama our viewers expect and love from The Real World.”


Real World: Washington, DC kicks off with it’s premiere tonight on MTV at the 10 spot. The show taped the eight roommates from July 2, 2009 til October 12, 2009. This season, the cast got to live in a 10,000 square foot house in Dupont Circle- a gay neighborhood known for it’s historic buildings and embassies. Reports say, the house they occupied is worth north of $5million dollars.

Based solely on their images and reading their MTV bios, I made a few quick snap judgments about each one. Let me know if you come up with the same or differing conclusions.

Andrew Woods


Hometown: Westminster, Colorado
AKA: The Nerdy Little Brother One
First Impression: Not a fan and probably will annoy me by episode two. He looks more like a Victoria rather than a Victor (a little Julie Andrews reference). The side smirk does him/her no favors.

The annoying little brother that you love to hate, but secretly love…describes twenty-one year old Andrew. He is an individual, to say the least; this fun-loving, free spirit from the suburbs of Denver will say anything to get a rise out of people. Often spotted around town wearing a panda hat, Andrew is a local legend for his witty, often offensive, politically incorrect comics. He doesn’t like being held down by rules, and as a result, has been fired from every job he’s ever had. Despite the lack of filter between his brain and his mouth, don’t be fooled – he’s as sharp as they come. After being cheated on and dumped by his last serious girlfriend, Andrew heads to D.C. a single man, looking to get with any girl who will say yes. But watch out ladies, one night with Andrew, and you may be the target of his next comic.

Ashley Lindley


Hometown: Houston, Texas
AKA: The Nelly Furtado One
First Impression: “You’re really pretty” “Thanks” “So you think you’re really pretty” (A little “Mean Girls” flashback for you). Out of all the girls, she looks like this season’s bitch. Something tells me she’ll be finger waving and neck swaying at one of the guys by episode three. Guys beware.

Ashley is a Portuguese beauty, with a hot temper and a blunt demeanor. She’s passionate and compassionate…and very opinionated, especially when it comes to heated topics like politics and religion. Ashley might be the most politically aware of the eight roommates. She was an Obama delegate from Vegas, and she will debate anyone, anytime about anything. And she’ll be happy to tell you why she’s right. She reads voraciously and knows her stuff, but will she turn that passion into opportunity in D.C.? Ashley is a self proclaimed “walking oxymoron” – the smart one who didn’t go to college, the tomboy who wears dresses, the liberal Christian, the bitchy caregiver. Newly single, Ashley has her sights set on the guys of D.C.

Callie Walker


Hometown: Huntsville, Texas
AKA: The Hee Haw One
First Impression: Awww. After reading her MTV bio, I was starting to really like her backstory… that is until I read she was a “free-spirit vegan”- EEKS. Vegans creep me out. Just kidding. From what I’ve read, I really like her and the fact she likes photography and grew up in a junkyard endears her to my heart.

Callie may be a small town girl, but she doesn’t plan to stay that way. This Texas native spent her childhood years falling on hard times and at one point living in a warehouse, then a junkyard — an experience that for years made her the butt of her classmates’ jokes. A free-spirit vegan, Callie has always felt a little out of place in her conservative Texas town, and she’s just chomping at the bit to break free and chase her dreams of becoming a photographer. In D.C., she hopes to find the kinds of outlets for her creativity that don’t exist in small-town Texas and make some new friends along the way. But after so many years in the backwater, will the buzz of the capital be too much for her?

Emily Schromm


Hometown: Columbia, Missouri
AKA: The Corn-fed Cult Survivor
First Impression: Girl has some major issues. Heck, I would too if I was raised in a Christian cult. On a positive note, she has really pretty eyes. Something tells me she’ll be the one who gets her drink on the most and have the most emotional breakdowns. Can someone say, damaged goods?

A Midwestern girl who, until now, had never been East of Illinois, twenty-one year old Emily was raised in a fundamentalist Christian cult. Since breaking out from the cult, her daredevil nature has led her to throw herself into new things and broaden her horizons in every facet of her life. An athletic tomboy, Emily used sports as a way to ease her entry into a more secular existence. Since then, she has grown progressively more open-minded and experimental even when it comes to dating and she shares Ty’s skeptical view of religion. For her, D.C. will be another new adventure, another step in her growth outside the cult.

Erika Lauren Wasilewski


Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
AKA: The Aspiring Singer Who’s Constantly On The Phone One
First Impression: Love her hair, love her smile, love her aura… love her everything. Out of all the girls, she made the best first impression with me. She’s seems like a cool chick you could just chillax with. I just hope she’s not one of those uber needy girls who’s constantly on the phone with her boyfriend. I have a feeling she’ll be the token girl who comes in with a boyfriend and leaves without one due to a drunken flirtatious night escapade.

Erika is the melodramatic singer, and if there’s one thing this Windy City rocker wants to make clear about herself, it’s that she doesn’t sing backup. Whether playing a gig or just chilling in the house, Erika likes to take center stage. Growing up, she battled loneliness and depression, and while she’s come a long way toward pulling herself out of it, her need for affection is still apparent when it comes to her relationship with her boyfriend Ian. If there’s one roommate who’ll be phoning home all season, it’ll be Erika.

Josh Colon


Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
AKA: The LMFAO-wannabe One
First Impression: “I’m in WASHINGTON, DC. Bitch!”. This guy seems like a real douche. I’m sorry to be uber judgemental but com’n… “glam rocker/rapper” is what the self-proclaimed “quintessential ladies’ man” says about himself. Give him five sessions with a spray-on tanner and he’s ready to join Jersey Shore Season Two. It’s a shame too. With a decent make-under, he could be kinda cute.

Josh has Philly pride, but that doesn’t mean this twenty-three year old wants to serve up Philly cheese steaks for the rest of his life. This Puerto Rican/Italian glam rocker/rapper has dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry with his punk-funkadelic sound. Always one to look his sharpest, Josh is the quintessential ladies’ man. He says girls are his “kryptonite,” which could prove problematic as he tries to stay faithful to his girlfriend back home. Afterall, D.C.’s nightlife will offer more than a few temptations. Will D.C. be the place where Josh can realize his dreams? And when it’s all over, will he still have a girlfriend to share them with?

Mike Manning


Hometown: Denver, Colorado
AKA: The Jock Turned Bi Turned Gay Activist One
First Impression: ME LIKEY A LOT. Gotta love a beefy athlete taking a layover in bisexual city before landing in gaytown. The sexual double-dipper, seems to be the most un-stereotypical of the bunch and probably the one who utilizes his time in the nation’s capital to the fullest. I admire that he channels his efforts for marriage rights for the LGBT community. You go girl…..

In high school, Mike was the typical jock…a star athlete, prom king, popular with all the girls…an all around golden child from a Christian family. But that’s where the stereotype ends. Mike realized several years ago that, for him, love knows no gender. He dates guys and girls, and is still questioning whether he’s bi-sexual or gay. Mike comes to DC to be an environmentalist, but unexpectedly finds the inspiration to help advance marriage rights for gay and lesbian Americans. His sexuality has caused some tension back home, and it’s his time in D.C. that will prove to be the turning point for him and his family in terms of accepting him for who he is.

Ty Ruff


Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
AKA: The Atheist Foster Child One
First Impression: Before I say anything, can I just address the awful make-up used on him in the left picture. Seriously he looks like he dipped his face in a bowl of talcum powder before standing in front of the camera. His bio states, that his quick temper often gets him into trouble. I hope he doesn’t come off as the cliched token angry black man. Aren’t we tired of those antiquated stereotypes yet MTV, really? It also states that a roommate might steal his heart. Any bets? My money is on the “damaged goods” one.

Ty is not one to let the worst get the best of him. Abandoned by his biological parents, Ty was shuffled around foster homes before being adopted at age five; and he grew up in a part of Baltimore he compares to “The Wire.” Despite growing up in the church, he is anti-religion and thinks believing in God is a crutch. He relies only on himself. A recent graduate of Trinity College (where he played football and majored in economics), he’s looking for the next thing that life has in store. Will he find it in D.C.? Ty is handsome, smart, athletic and opinionated, and he’s not afraid to share his opinion. On one hand, he’s a smooth, funny charmer who always seems to know just the right thing to say, on the other hand, his quick temper can get him into trouble. Ty is fresh out of a three-year relationship and ready to take on D.C. He’s a guy’s guys, but there just might be a roommate who steals his heart.

There you have it folks, this season’s guinea pigs. Do any of them stand out in a good or bad way? Would you live in a house with 7 random strangers while being filmed and not shot at a half a million dollars? Discuss below.

  • Dan

    I hate to admit that I love this show too Dono!

    As for Mike Manning, I would love the opportunity to chat with him, get his take on life as a star athlete and still being able to date men without being complete ostracized. Yeah, that’s it…

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  • Becca

    I went to school with mike. he dated this cute blonde girl the whole 2.5 years I was there.. prob longer but i moved there sophomore year. I always saw him as a nice guy but never really “new” him.. good luck to you mike I know you can make it in this world with whatever sexuality you feel is right for you. God is truly watching over you and you know he loves you either way. I personally went through the bi sexual thing.. but for some people it is meant to be
    probably dont remember me but good luck in life..Rebecca Heggland (Chenault)

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