Real Life Emojis

Lately I’ve come to the realization that I use emojis A LOT when I’m texting Tyrell or texting friends. There are just so many options and I get so much amusement out of trying to tell a story with those tiny cartoon images. All of that said, the emojis don’t totally translate and are an exaggeration of whatever it is you’re trying to communicate or get across.

To poke fun at the whole world of these iPhone Emojis, a group of people decided to make a short video about two friends discussing and planning out their night through Emojis. Props to Molly Mulshine who wrote and directed the video, and also to the actors that include Eva Silver-Smith, Molly Mulshine and Jeff Plate.

Most of the Emojis they use and reenact I’ve totally used and this video just makes me want to use the more. LOL. Enjoy the funny video below.

Real Life Emojis

  • jr89

    This is fucking hilarious!