‘Real Husbands Of Hollywood’ Preview: Robin Thicke Says He’s A ‘Sexy Bitch’

Get ready for the premiere of Real Husbands of Hollywood, premiering later this month on BET. It’s a new scripted non-reality show, making fun of the Real Housewives franchise and focussing on the sexy men instead of the women.

The show stars Robin Thicke, Kevin Hart, Boris Kodjoe, Nick Cannon, Duane Martin, and J.B. Smoove and looks freaking hilarious. In one of the promos for the show, the guys each give their own reasons why they believe they are the star of the show and Thicke says that he’s the star because he’s a “sexy bitch“. LOL. There are few other promo videos from the show that I have included, one where another of the “Husbands” explains what a “Mitch” is…. a male version of a bitch. LOL.

Enjoy the funny preview material below and tune into the premiere episode on Tuesday, January 15 at 10/9c on BET.

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  • Steve-O

    Boris Kodjoe….DROOOL!!!

  • Wow, this could go either way. Sometimes things sound funny and if done right, they end up including you on the joke. But if they show is not done right, then it’s just gonna be a bunch of guys looking for attention and having fun but leaving us out of the loop. The promos seem promising, but I gotta see a full episode before I make an opinion.

    The real question is…. where are the Real Housewives of Disney?!