Ray J Drops ‘I Hit It First’ Music Video

SHOCKER!!! Ray J enlists a Kim Kardashian look-alike complete with the reality star’s signature high pony to star in the music video for “I Hit First.” Directed by J.R. Saint, the 32-year-old singer takes subtle and not-too-subtle jabs at his sex tape co-star. From Kris Humphries and Khloe Kardashian dopplegangers to an “F!” logo appearing in the bottom corner whenever cameras follow the faux Kimmy K, every Kardashian-related detail is included. Even Kanye West gets a nod with a shot of a Chicago freeway.

As much as I enjoy a Kim K. dig, my favorite part of the clip is that sick gray Rolls Royce Phantom detailed with illuminated blue accents on the car’s exterior. Talk about baller. It looks like something you’d see in Tron. Love it. Check out the visual for “I Hit It First” below.

Ray J ‘I Hit It First’ Music Video

  • This dude needs to move on already… he’s coming across as sad and desperate. You hit it first, but you did not hit it best – or else she would have stayed with you. Bye bye boo boo! Enj

  • Rodknee

    Always hated him. Very skeevy.

  • Steve-O

    This is the anthem for every bitt sad ex boyfriend who gets left behind!