Randy Jackson is the cockroach of reality television. He just won’t go away. Just when I thought he was gone from American Idol for good, the Top Dawg returns. Why??? Dude even had a going away montage during last season’s finale.

Jackson, however, won’t be claiming his seat back on the judging panel. He’s set to replace Jimmy Iovine as the show’s in-house mentor. DOUBLE UGH. Not only is Randy coming back, but Jimmy is leaving. The latter has been my favorite part for the past couple of years. He’s the only one not afraid to say exactly how it is.

With Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick ousted as executive producers, I was really hoping this would be the dawning of a new era for Idol. Instead, it’s looking like a busted up mashup of season’s past. Keith Urban, albeit nice, is boring on the panel. Jennifer Lopez returning doesn’t pack the same punch as her inaugural year. And now Randy. Personally, I was hoping the new show producer would’ve completely revamped the show. I actually think I might be done with the show. How about you? Sound off below.