RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 Winner Raja Premiere’s Debut Music Video

Another queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race has entered the music world. Season 3 winner, Raja just introduced her debut music video for her single, “Diamond Crowned Princess“. The video was directed by Austin Young and features a cameo by former Drag contestant, Raven.

“Follow me, follow me, I’m a diamond crowned queen. Come with me, to my pretty, pretty palace,” are the lyrics of the chorus. My favorite lyrics from the song though, go as follows: “Gonna lick on your trigger, every inch will make you quiver.” Dirty and hot. The video visuals are Gaga meets Marilyn Manson meets Peter Breeze. We see many different looks, including most noticably, Raja as a man versus Raja as a queen.

Our own Tommy couldn’t get enough of these queens after our of our Homorazzi elimination interviews this past season, because he’s bringing Raja here to Vancouver to perform at Pride this summer! Check out her debut video below for a taste of what is to come from the Season 3 winner… and let me know what you think!

Which do you prefer? Raja’s video or Mimi Imfurst‘s “Party Girl” music video? Personally, I have to say “Party Girl”.

  • SQ

    I think that’s Raven, not Manilla…

  • Jérémy

    The video is kinda cool but I think the song is terrible.

  • Oh, well, i liked the video but the song is awful… I prefer Mimi’s video 😀

  • Dj

    Raja-tryhard Mimi-cool

  • nsanity

    song was terrible.
    video was even worse.