ANTM Update: Raina Hein

In honor of my visit to Auckland, New Zealand the other day, I decided to give you an update on one of the girls who made it to the oversees trip to that beautiful city. For all you “America’s Next Top Model” buffs, you know thats the Cycle 14 girls of Alasia, Jessica, Alexandra, Angelea, Raina and eventual winner Krista White. My personal favorite was Raina Hein, so that’s who I’m going to give you an update this week on. According to a lot of comments on my previous posts, she’s one of your faves as well, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one.

With her French, German, and Belgian heritage, Raina stood out from the rest with her unique exotic beauty. Plus those piercing eyes and thick bushy eyebrows didn’t hurt either. Before being cast on ANTM’s fourteenth cycle, Hein played for a two-time NCAA National Championship volleyball team. During her tie on ANTM, she was referred to as a mix of Denise Richards and Brooke Shields. So very true.

In her post-ANTM career, Hein has worked regularly scoring jobs domestically and internationally. Just looking at a few of her features in Seventeen, Harper’s Bazaar (Arabia, UK & HK), Cosmopolitan (Indonesia), Glamor and Women’s Health Magazine illustrates that perfectly. Besides print work, Raina has also appeared in commercials for Macy’s and Anytime Fitness. Her runway credits include Rachel Roy, Anna Sui, Macy’s, and Bebe. Fun fact, she also starred in this year’s Grammy Best New Artist Ben Iver’s music video for “Calgary“. Check out a sampling of Raina’s post-ANTM work below.

ANTM Elimination Photo

Til this day, Krista winning over Raina still baffles me, especially considering why the judges claimed they picked Krista. They admitted, they loved Raina’s fresh face, stronger portfolio and even said Raina was better in the final CoverGirl challenge than Krista. With all that positive feedback, you’d think she would’ve been a shoo-in for the win. Alas not, because they thought Krista had a better chance at an international career. LMFAO. I don’t think that needs any further comment.

With ANTM’s next cycle beginning in two weeks, I only have room for one more ANTM udpate. Since I’m now in Australia, I decided I’m going to choose a girl from the cycle where they went to Sydney as the oversees trip. See if you can correctly predict, which girl that will be. Post all your guess below.

  • Mish

    Oh I am so sure it will be Natasha. Who else?

  • Marck


  • Liang

    Can you post who’s the most successful winner, your update make the none winners winner and the winners the opposite, which makes the judges a shit pickers.

    I’m still hurting Molly didn’t win over Britney.

  • I hate to admit it, but your right when you say that Raina deserved to win. It was sad because the minute they picked Raina in the second last episode out of the bottom three, I knew she had no chance. I mean, I didn’t like her clearly fake and catty attitude, but there weren’t many well mannered girls from that cycle anyways.

    My vote is Natasha. I wanted Renne to win the whole time, but alas, Natasha would be the most likely to work nationally.

  • Jay

    I wish you featured Anya. She is one of the most robbed finalist from ANTM. But then again we also have Chantal, Melrose, Nik, and Allison.

  • Andre00x

    I’m sorry to say but…her pictures aren’t that great in my opinion. Compared to the other girls, I’m a little disappointed.

  • Mikej

    Natasha!! She was the best that cycle!!
    But if not her, then Renee or Brittany, they had kickass portfolios

  • Aqua

    Natasha Next,,, u can also do Brittany from the same cycle. I wouldve said Jaslene but I think uve already done that, havent u?

    Now About Rainas Update… The Photo I Love Love the MOST from her post show portfolio is her Arabia Photos in the ship.. Breathtaking.

    Awsome job. Go Eat a Cookie 😀

  • Katerina

    Renee or Natasha

  • Keith

    THANK YOU Donovan for making an update on Raina. She was sooooooo robbed of the crown during her cycle and I hated Tyra and the judges for giving the title to Krista (i wonder what happened to her btw!)

    I hope you’ll also do an update on Anamaria, The Babin twins and Natalie pack after the new cycle of ANTM/BNTM.

  • diaz

    Thanks for your update, oh i love this wolf girl so much!

  • SLade


  • Wokers

    it’s Bon Iver, not Ben

  • :)

    After cycle 18, I’d like to see some of the petite ppl

  • Aaron

    It’s Bon Iver, not Ben Iver

  • Abraham

    the next girl has to be brittani hatch…

  • Kyle

    I love Raina to death but sometimes she seems like a one trick pony, obviously we don’t see it because we can’t past that undeniable face, she’s one of the best faces on ANTM ever but she needs to get more variety. Since she’s so undeniably beautiful we get hypnotized by her face and don’t see her range of expressions. I love her, though.