Quiz: Test your Wolverine SLASH Hugh Jackman Trivia


During nights when we just want to mellow out and not hit the club a few us usually come over and either play video or board games.  One of the games we like to play on the Xbox 360 is Scene-It which tests you movie trivia.  No matter what my hooker friends say, I’m the one who usually wins.  They often harass me about only watching teen movies or romantic comedies.  What they fail to realize is that I’m obsessed with superhero and action films.  I even liked that lame-ass Elektra movie with Jennifer Garner a few years back.  I digress.

On May 1, 2009 , Hugh Jackman, whom I gained a whole new respect for after his A-MAZ-ING turn as this years Oscar’s host, is reprising his role as the mutant Wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  Words cannot even begin to describe how friggin’ excited I am to watch this film.

In anticipation of this film, I decided to create an Wolverine SLASH Hugh Jackman quiz.  Find out how much or little you know about this uber hot Aussie and the comic book character he portrays.

wolverine-8Which of the following countries did the movie "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" not film in?

wolverine-7What is Hugh Jackman's favorite curse word?

wolverine-6 Wolverine is commonly known as Logan.  What was his birth name?

wolverine-5What fictional clandestine government project in the Marvel Universe turns willing and unwilling beings into living weapons.

wolverine-4Hugh Jackman was a last minute addition to the X-Men film.  Who was originally supposed to play Wolverine?

wolverine-1What near indestructable alloy metallic substance is added to Wolverine's skeleton and claws?

wolverine-3Hugh Jackman  is frequently offered roles basedon comic books.  Which of the following movies was he NOT offered a role?

wolverine-2 What is Hugh Jackman's middle name

  • Tommy D

    I own Elektra…I want to go as Elektra for halloween I think HA!

  • Christof

    I love supers too! Probably too much, one of my friends actually made me into a super hero called Nightclaw…

    The site is awesome!

  • Kevin

    Ooh – I totally rocked that quiz!

  • Harlequin

    I’m going to go see the movie tomorrow….although I’m afraid of what they’ve done to Emma Frost and Gambit. I could be optimistic, but after seeing Halle Berry play Storm…….