5 Superficial Reasons to Quit Smoking


If the harmful effects of smoking to your health isn’t enough to kick you off the habit, here are a few superficial reasons for the vain gay man or any vain person for that matter.

5. Premature Wrinkles


Smoke irritates the eyes causing smokers to squint more which leads to crows feet around the outer corner of the eyes. Because of the repeated action of dragging on cigarettes, smokers develop wrinkles around the mouth and hollowed cheeks. You’d think enough gay men would be non-smokers for this number one superficial reason. We’re so obsessed with youth even more than heteros are as it is, why would you pay for the death-sticks that will make you look older than you really are?

4. Bad Skin


Smoking decreases the blood flow into the capillaries of your skin suffocating it from the oxygen and nutrients it needs causing decreased amounts of collagen and elastin in the skin.

3. Bad Breath


Not only does it leave the smoke odour in your mouth but the tar and nicotine cause dry mouth and also affect the production of saliva which acts as a natural mouthwash. I once dated a smoker and it was like kissing an ashtray, the relationship didn’t last long.

2. Discolored Teeth


Like we’ve said, smoking reduces the flow of saliva which cleanses the lining of the mouth and teeth preventing tooth decay. Nicotine and tar leave brown/black stains on the gums and teeth. A pet peeve of mine is yellow teeth and I always look at people’s teeth and is part of the few things that I look at when I judge people.

1. Impotence


Smoking causes arteriosclerosis which is the stiffening or hardening (a pun that is no fun) of the arteries leading to the penis which causes impotence. Gay men are virile and sexual people and you don’t want to have the reputation of having a ‘limp dick’.

How exactly does smoking cause impotence? The mechanism of impairment of bodily processes leading to sexual stimulation and erection are discussed below:

  • In order for a person to initiate and maintain erection, there must be adequate blood flow towards the penis. Over 20% of impotent smokers are found to have abnormally low blood pressure (PBI). This reduces the flow of blood to the penis. Low BPI is caused by atherosclerosis, the build up of fatty deposits, especially in the penile area. This is thought to be engendered by arterial lesions caused in part by smoking. In a study of smokers with an average age of 35, it has been found out that there is a pronounced connection between cigarette smoking and atherosclerosis in the internal and main arteries supplying the penis. For every “pack year”, smokers increase the risk of atherosclerosis by 2 – 3%
  • A further drop in blood flow to the penis may result from acute vasoconstriction (constriction of blood vessels) within the arteries leading to the penis as a direct result of nicotine intake.
  • When there is also excessive blood flowing out of the penis, erection is inhibited. In a normal man experiencing sexual stimulation, the veins closes off almost completely to trap the blood. Virtually no blood flows out of the veins in order to maintain erection. A study showed that nicotine in the blood encourages the venous chamber to dilate. This impairs the valve or the veno – occlusive mechanism by which blood is trapped in the penis. As a result, erection is inhibited or is not sustained.-info-gizmo.com
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