Who’d You Rather: Quinn Christopher Jaxon VS Samuel Garfield

With the success of the last couple times we did Who’d You Rather posts with Andrew Christian models, we figured it was time for another. The first AC model battle was between Jason Medina VS Steven Dehler, and the second had Colby Melvin and Matt McCall facing off. This time round we’ve got two new hotties to fantasize over, but we ask you if you had to choose, who’d you rather?

Our first guy is Quinn Christopher Jaxon. He’s appeared in many AC videos and has quite the NSFW pictures on the web should you feel like Googling him. Aside from his sexy hair, green eyes, hot body and sizeable package, he also seemingly has a great sense of humor and isn’t afraid to get a little dirty.

The contender is the hot & handsome Samuel Garfield who has not only been an Andrew Christian model, but he also played a Warbler on Glee! He’s also has a small role in Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean. He’s got a great body, sexy dark features, and boy does he give good face.

Quinn Christopher Jaxon

Sam Garfield

Who'd You Rather: Jaxon VS Garfield

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  • rogelio

    Quinn is perfection…

  • Blake

    Sam for an obvious reason.

  • SAM GARFIELD, duh! For more of Sam, check him out on VeeSaidSheSaid >>> here http://bit.ly/RhcnpS and >>> here http://bit.ly/NC84jA. WERQQQ!

  • booboochild

    Both of them are super hot! Two of my favorite Andrew Christian models.
    Quinn has been in a lot more videos and has a bigger fan base. You should put Quinn up against Colby, now that would be a fair match!

  • jay

    Quinn without a doubt. Sam is a distant 2nd

  • patrick

    Quinn it is, no doubt!

  • Brian

    Quinn for defo…no doubt there

  • Florian

    Can I say neither of them ?

  • MkeS


  • Most def Quinn. A fine upstanding young gentleman. I’ve seem him bouncing up and down on the stage at Beatbox, working those Andrew Christians.

  • Rob

    Neither =S

  • Sean

    Quinn for sure, yum!

  • William

    Quinn, he’s more than a pretty face he has a sence of humor and is amazing

  • MkeS

    Both are very handsome, but Quinn seems to have a great sense of humor. a hot, funny guy is irresistable.

  • Edgar Miguel

    mi novio Quinn C. por su puesto..

  • Jack

    Quinn is a trashy bitchy guy. He even called himself a bitch on his Facebook page the other day! I have chatted with him before, and he’s not all that fun to be around.