QueerFM Interviews Homorazzi Cast

As you probably already know by now, this past weekend was incredibly busy (in a good way) for all of the Homorazzi cast with Vancouver Pride and Outgames festivities in full force. Some of the cast organized the big events, some hosted parties, some performed, and some were just full-time partiers.

Just before we watched Ace of Base & Dragonette perform at the North American Outgames Closing Party at the Plaza of Nations, four of us cast members sad down with CBlaze of QueerFM / CITR Radio for a interview. Myself, Tyrell, Adam, and Nic chatted about what it’s like to be part of the site and asked us about some things that we haven’t really got to share with readers. Truth be told, Dan and Rich were supposed to be with us in the interview as well but we lost them at the event grounds while we all tried to find where QueerFM was situated. Regardless, we had such a fun time talking to CBlaze about all things Homorazzi. Listen to the interview below.

  • Cblaze

    thanks guys! you were awesome! let do another one soon!