The Queen’s Christmas Message 2011

Aside from the annual tradition of Santa in his red suit during this time of year, there’s also the annual tradition of the Queen’s Christmas Message and of course this year was no different. Coincidentally also wearing a red outfit, Queen Elizabeth spoke of some of the things that affected the world as well as her family this year.

She started her speech by saying, “In this past year my family and I have been inspired by the courage and hope we have seen in so many ways in Britain, in the Commonwealth and around the world.” She spoke of the tragedies that took place throughout the world this year and the positive things that came out of those situations.

She explained further, “We’ve seen that it’s in hardship that we often find strength from our families; it’s in adversity that new friendships are sometimes formed; and it’s in a crisis that communities break down barriers and bind together to help one another.” Watch the speech below.