Queen Latifah Heading Back To Daytime Talk TV

It’s official, Queen Latifah is heading back to daytime talk television. We haven’t seen Latifah in this role since 2001 when her syndicated “The Queen Latifah” show was cancelled after three years on air. However, the Queen showed us she still had her hosting chops when she helmed the People’s Choice Awards last year.

Will Smith’s company, Overbrook Entertainment and Latifah’s own Flavor Unit announced this morning that they will partner up to create a daytime talk show-like program with Latifah as the host. If all of the pieces fall into place as planned, we could see the show hitting TV early 2013. A rep from Overbrook released the following statement:

“We have known and admired Latifah for over 20 years: dating back to our music days, to her first television role on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ and years alter when she worked with Jada on the film ‘Set it Off.'”

Queen Latifah is the latest to jump on board with the post-Oprah talk show craze. Anderson Cooper has already launched his own successful show with Katie Curic and Jeff Probst not far behind. It seems like being the daytime’s new talk show diva is back and better than ever. It’s like we’re living in the late 80’s, early 90’s all over again! Check out some clips from Queen Latifah’s first show below.