Design: PuzzlePerser – Modular Flooring


Currently, Brian and I are looking at various options for an area rug when I came across this innovative idea. German designer, Katrin Sonnleitner, has given Persian rugs a modern contemporary updated twist. I have always gravitated towards creative colorful options when it comes to design and never even entertained the idea of purchasing a Persian rug- until now.

Before I go on, I must also note that I’m obsessed with puzzle games for my iPhone and always enjoyed putting together jigsaw puzzles when I was a kid. So it was perfect when I came across Katrin’s modular flooring product- PuzzlePerser. The Persian Puzzle is made from a recyclable mixture of synthetic and natural rubber. There are over 70 standard colors to choose from but if you can’t find a specific color, specialty colors can be ordered for companies and special orders.

What do you think of the concept? Imagine how much fun it’d be to put the rug together with a few of your friends after an afternoon of drinking? You might even come up with configurations never imagined by the designer.


For more information, head over to Katrin Sonnleitner’s website-