Minerva, a small Mexican brewery, is marketing a beer specifically to the gay and lesbian market. They are claiming their two beers are the world’s first Queer Beers. Purple Hand Beer and Salamandra are both brewed with 100% organic honey and malt. It’s a recipe that “infuses the beer with a citrus flavor that appeals to the taste of the LGBT community”.

“We’re out in the market with great respect with the idea of offering a product directed to the gay-lesbian community that has been ignored for too long but is important and very demanding,” – company spokesperson Dario Rodriguez Wyler

Purple Hand and Salamandra are already available at resorts in Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos. They can also be found at some restaurants and bars in Guadalajara, Mexico City. Unfortunately, the Queer Beers are not available in the United States, though the company has claimed they’ve received requests from Argentina, Ecuador, Japan, Chile along with the US. But not everyone is happy about the gay marketing. Surprisingly they’ve been accused of reverse homophobia by some heteros.

“We’ve received a lot of criticism about whether we were excluding heterosexuals,” Rodríguez told the Seattle Gay News. “It’s been a great challenge. They tell us we are very brave for developing in Mexico the first drink directed exclusive for such an interesting and badly tended-to community.”

Would you drink beer just because it’s specifically targeted to the LGBT community? Post any thoughts or comments below.