Pups & Pecs Webseries Will Make Your Day


To quote the Sound of Music, these are two of my favorite things. Who doesn’t love adorable puppies and well-chiseled men? No one I can think of.

Pet retailer BarkBox’s new webseries titled “Pups and Pecs” is exactly what it sounds like. Shirtless men flaunting their pecs while holding pups. Whether it’s hailing a cab, washing dishes or conducting an office boardroom meeting, these cute canines are the perfect accessory.

Check out the first few episodes below. If you’re still yearning for more, new clips are uploaded every Monday.

Pups & Pecs – Episode 1: Boardroom

Pups & Pecs – Episode 2: Train

Pups & Pecs – Episode 3: Taxi

Pups & Pecs – Episode 4: Burrito

Pups & Pecs – Episode 5: Dishes