Pump Underwear’s New Ad Campaign

While sitting poolside here in scorching hot Las Vegas, I thought writing this post was very appropriate. Why? I know it’s not swimwear, but some of Pump Underwear’s designs looks so good, you’ll want to show them off while lounging in your cabana sipping on some cocktails.

PUMP is an underwear line based out of Montreal, Canada. It was started by two designers who wanted to fill the gap in the underwear world with fresh and unique ideas. With their paint splash series, they created designs that have the feeling of real paint. They’ve researched and develop its own cuts to create a form-fitting underwear that accentuates the body. And who doesn’t love that?

The company just released a new ad campaign that showcases their products perfectly. Check out their sexy new images below.

This is the opposite of craps.

Literally, modeling from head to toe. Tyra would be proud.

Now this is Fire Island.

Abstract art never looked so good.

Go speed racer, go.

Click here to see more images from the campaign in our gallery.

  • GayUk

    YAY more over priced underwear for us to waste money on ! Isnt it about time people stopped making over expensive crap like this … primark do a range similar for a 90th of the price, if you had “PUMP” ironed on the waistband, you’d never be able to tell …

  • Marc

    Ummm…unless you’re a hardcore slut, or walk around in your underwear, who gives a CRAP what they look like as long as they feel good on you??????????????

    Holy geez!
    You can’t make this stuff up.

  • curtis P

    Could these picture get any more airbrushed and photo shoped, the last one looks like a cartoon?

  • Perry P

    I don’t understand the relationship between gay men and underwear. Maybe I’m to disenfranchised.

  • Kevin

    Well most married men are fat and out of shape so they would not be in the market for underwear that looks hot