DOA. No Pulse.


Now I’m ALWAYS one for a new place in the LGBT community of Vancouver to have some drinks, especially with our little city having the highest gay population in Western Canada, and uhm, oh yeah NOT a lot of extra curricular choices. So it’s a bittersweet feeling to see Pulse Nightclub go south. Actually I didn’t even know it wasn’t North until I was walking home from work tonight and saw “Junction Public House”.

First reaction? This trendy Public House Social Haus’ trend is OVERPLAYED, but here I am giving anything a chance that gives me a little variety in my community. So no more nightclub. It’s done. Instead in it’s place is what I’m told is a new pub. I want to kick and scream that what we need is more clubs (WHAT WE NEED IS MORE CLUBS!!!), but I won’t *grin*, because that’s what Pulse was, and the niche it filled was apparently not enough to keep it afloat SO, beggars can’t be choosy, we get a pub instead. I don’t need another casual drinking place. I have Fountainhead and Score ….and Jupiter….and Oasis and 1181, BUT MAYBE YOU DO! Right? *grin*

Maybe five promotion managers, five or six GM’s, and three name changes later this restaurant-restobar-club-sports-pub will find a lasting niche and prove to all of us it wasn’t built on an Indian burial ground. From what I can see, Tommy D and Michael Venus fought and worked hard at the most recent promotions and we wish them the best with their obvious talents on other ventures. Maybe someone will take hold of this lost sheep of a venue, and give us something fresh that we can sink our teeth into. Maybe something that doesn’t involve someone not from our community making decisions about venues in our community. Maybe they’ll get sick of firing everyone all the time ya know? Hmm. We’ll see.

Until then I’ll cheers a beer after November 1st and give it a shot.

  • As far as we know, Operations as PULSE will continue until the end of the month. Devil’s Night and Little Shop of Horrors on Halloween are still 100% a go.

    We also have made agreement to keep friday and saturday nights still going as a club after the 10pm mark, so once again, I’m gonna need you guys to show up and drink drink drink or else it really will be gone.

    But I will ask, if you liked certain things we did, send them an email. When I just say certain things to the higher ups, I just sound like a bitchy promoter who is upset he isn’t getting his way.

    Love all around!

  • Jimbo

    The new concept sounds a lot like the old concept which wasn’t so bad. Majestic was great dinner theatre at its best and passable nightclub at its worst. Pulse was a nightclub wannabe that never really cut it. If they reopen the kitchen by day and put on a good Sunday Brunch theatre again I’ll be happy. A latenight lounge will also work for those on their way home from Celebs, Odyssey, or Numbers to chill out. People in this town have themselves to blame for the death of nightclubs. Only a handful go out clubbing before 11:30 and leave the clubs to make all their money in 3 short hours before closing. Score and Fountain Head have done quite well with the pub crowd and there’s probably room for one more. Good luck to The Junction!